Art Of Living

Today's sedentary life style, junk food habits, minds overloaded with information, race for materialism has created a strained atmosphere for the children. It has physically weaken the younger generation.

The day at BDIS, begins with Sudarshan kriya promoted by H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. It is a scientifically proved means to reduce the stress and enhance the power for creating positive surroundings all-around.

A five-day "Art Excel Course" (III-VII) and YES Courses (VIII Onwards) are compulsory for each and every member of BDIS family including teachers.

The concentration and composure are integral part of quality learning which is needed for our hallmark.

Educating children should be holistic, not just a process of stuffing their heads with information because "Just information is not education; it is our behavior, the right attitude and our ability to perceive things better.

Perception, observation and expression- the three aspects of education have to be improved."

  1. For Stress-free teaching BDIS staff undergoes
    • Nurturing of values in Children and everyone (NOVICE)
    • Happiness courses
    • Silence Program

  2. For Stress-free learning BDIS students undergo
    • The all around training in Excellence (ART EXCEL)
    • The youth Empowerment Seminar (Yes course)

  3. For Stress- free parenting parents under goes
    • KYC (Know Your Child)
    • KYT (Know Your Teen)

Every Parent would like to have a child whose personality shines wherever the child goes. It is the personality that is appreciated everywhere such pleasing personality is what is the main aim of our education.