Our Sports

BDIS embarks on the quest for excellence. We prouid our alma – maters the environment where the mind and body is profoundly stretched.

Students are encouraged to enjoy the myriad sports activities. They dive into this realm and are revved with multitude of indoor and outdoor games.

Carom, table tennis, chess scrabble etc. trigger the brain cells and make it more fertile. Children become creative and develop their cognitive skills, moreover a hard of outdoor activities that complies of swimming, archery, boxing, badminton, volleyball and tennis rake the potential of these young blossoms. The student under the guidance of ace mentors unlocks their innate talent.

The school has scaled dizzying heights and bagged distinguished ranks in varied sportive events. We are gratified to mention that from last 8 years school is persistent in clinching exhibited their dexterity in Badminton and championship in under 19 girls category.

Our students exhibit their prowess in boxing as they have garnered colossal accolades.

Gaining accomplishment in this competitive scenario is nor a cake walk. Students and mentors labor rigorously and put in painstaking efforts to make the dream come true.