E-DACTM Learning System makes learning a joyous, engaging, experiential, meaningful and creative process for all children. E-DAC'm is an acronym for the four-fold process that takes the learner through various stages of learning. The process itself is a never-ending spiral, a continuum that may begin at any point but one that never ends.

Each letter of E-DACTM signifies a particular step of this process that is applied in the classroom to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Excite, Engage and Encourage - Creates an interest and eagerness to learn with focus on effort rather than the outcome

Discover, Do and Document - Gives information and activities so learners can retain the knowledge through drill and practice

Assimilate, Analyse and Apply - Helps learners to internalise the acquired knowledge and applies the knowledge in real life situation with minimal instructional inputs

Consolidate, Construct and Create - The learner merges all relevant information to build the concept on the consolidated information and creates something to add to the existing knowledge in her/ his own unique way.

The system also builds them into self-directed learners, with values and life skills that will equip them for the challenges of the 21st century