Meetu Sharma

BDIS, is a dream come true for parents looking for a place as safe & loving as a home for their little ones where children are given wings. The school ensures that they develop strong roots. BDIS is proud of its glorious past and is fully conscious of the need to prepare the students to accept the challenges in this rapidly changing world. I firmly believe that education is not merely to fill a vessel with information rather it is a holistic process of drawing out the hidden talents and nurturing them. It is a procedure to give the required facilities to the buds so that they may bloom into fragrant flowers. I trust, right education is that which creates a sense of belongingness with the whole world and termed as global education. It is not only cultivating the mind but also the body and emotions. It is to prepare children to live with a smile in this ever-changing world. It has always been our priority to provide a safe, supportive and holistic environment to coming generation. BDIS aims at students’ emotional growth along with their intellectual excellence in a pure spiritual environment.

It stands for a value system and is resolved to provide quality education which not only allows the children to bloom but also keep them firmly rooted to the cultural heritage and traditions from the past. Inculcating manners, the way of conduct and good habits in our little ones, has always been our priority. A child, who joins the BDIS family, would move out as a successful citizen and confident leader of tomorrow. He would definitely have the energy to visualize the future. BDIS aims to be a school which will provide holistic education facilitating social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth in a caring and nurturing atmosphere. A unique curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the latest national and international trends as well as the changing needs of the society. The curriculum is not static but ever evolving. As each child has inborn creativity, all we need to do is give them encouragement and opportunities. We provide children with a stimulating environment where they can discover their talents in every aspect & emotional, psychological, social & physical; helping them to develop a wholesome decisive personality.

The school has one of the best infrastructures, both aesthetic to look at and practical from the point of space utilization. The school is established on eight big has solitary landscape on the outskirts of Sri Ganganagar, being away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, BDIS is the most suitable campus from the educational point of view. The campus is well designed and beautifully landscaped with lush green grounds providing divers playing and activity area under the patronage of Bharti Charitable Trust, a renowned society with an endeavor to spread the wings of happiness by supporting education system. The trust has been playing a catalyst’s role to bring forth required reforms in the arena of education.

Committee includes renowned peoples of city:-

  • Dr. S.L. Sihag
    Bharti Charitable Trust
  • Sh. Ajay Gupta
    Managing Trustee & Secretary
    Bharti Charitable Trust
  • Sh. Shyam Jain
    Managing Trustee & Treasurer
    Bharti Charitable Trust

Our Augmentations are:-

  • A.C. classrooms
  • Computer aided learning-Smart Class
  • Ultra Modern Infrastructure
  • Language Lab
  • Agility Centre (Gymnasium)
  • Auditorium for Brain storming Session
  • Competent & Caring Faculty
  • Pious & Serene Environment
  • Well maintained & equipped Sports grounds
  • Residential School

The School has a program for a good network of games and related activities. Students are kept mentally and physically fit to enable them to make their mark in various competitions. The School follows a carefully planned system of physical culture comprising major & minor games, sports, gymnastic, karate and yoga. The school provides sports grounds to conduct various sports activities such as football, basket ball, cricket, badminton etc. The school will provide indoor games facilities such as table tennis, carom, chess etc. The aim is to infuse in children the desire to become the champions of tomorrow. Outdoor camp for Scout and Guide are also organized to foster sense of community, service, dedication, self-esteem and discipline among students.

The school has an excellent environment of laboratories and library. The well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories provide ample opportunities to carry out practical and scientific analysis. The well furnished computer lab has the facility of internet and multimedia and imparts computer knowledge under the guidance of I.T. ushers. This has audio-visual equipment for pronunciation, listening skills, presentation skills and interactive language learning activity. It provides an opportunity to a student to break the cocoon and to be more communicative. The hub of quantities/abilities to alleviate the left brain phobia that is to say maths phobia from the students psychology. An auditorium to give the ambience of public speaking to students and also to organize various activities viz. meeting, elocutions, debate quiz etc.

We proudly announce that we are the pioneer in introducing SMART CLASS in Sri Ganganagar. At BDIS, we believe that learning must keep pace with the fast changing needs of the society. Smart Class is whole new way to approach class-room learning. It is learning program that uses the best methods to help students learn in the most efficient manner. In smart-Class tough lessons are brought alive on plasma display screen, with colors, graphics and moving images to make the lessons interesting, engaging and easier to comprehend. The facilitator simply punches a few buttons and the lesson comes up on the screen. The colorful display of the topic/lesson not only enhance the young minds but also provide a vivid & unforgettable description of the same. The program helps the teachers to meet their challenges in the class with practical and friendly use of the technology. The focus is also to assist teachers in enhancing the academic performance of their students using this latest & interesting technique.

We always lay emphasis on motivation and awakes their talents by stuffing competitive spirit in them through various competitive activities such as Singing, Dancing, Shalok & Doha speaking, Rhyme competition, Rakhi making, Extempore, Debate and many more conducted in school campus. During Extempore or Debate the topics are chosen from their curriculum so that they can learn as well as have fun competing with their fellow beings. At BDIS, bright future of our young orators of grade 5 onwards even await to shape them into good debaters. We timely arranges national level ASSET examination for students including major subjects like English, Maths & Science. Math’s Olympiad was also conducted in order to cope-up with math’s concepts. We prepare our children for life by imparting not only appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills and leadership qualities. In short, we instill in them a healthy spirit of competition & provide them ‘Education for Life’.

Festivals are an integral part of the Indian culture. Students at BDIS make it a point to celebrate all major religious and national festivals with great zeal and fervor. The idea behind celebrating all these festivals is to acquaint the students with the tradition, history and culture of our country so that when they step out of the school, they are well informed and familiar with the religious and cultural relevance of our festivals. Festivals like Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Dussehra, Ram Navami, Deepawali, Holi and Christmas are celebrated in the campus. The teachers and the students come together for these occasions.

Today’s sedentary life-style, junk food habits, minds overloaded with information, race for materialism has created a strained atmosphere for the children. It has physically weakened the younger generation.

The day at BDIS begins with Sudarshan Kriya promoted by H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji. It is a scientifically proved mean to reduce the stress and enhance the power for creating a positive surrounding all-round. A five-day “Art Excel Course” is compulsory for every student of BDIS family.

I would like to mention that BDIS, a residential school, is committed to provide hygienic living conditions, happy and creative environment, etiquettes, and a balanced nutritious diet necessary for the growing children. It dedicates itself to building character, capabilities and competence through spiritual, moral, social, physical, emotional, psychological and positive attitude. We are determined to prove the living facilities to our little ones with a family atmosphere. The boarders begin their day with morning exercise that includes Sudarshan Kriya and jogging. In the evening they participate in their favorite sporting activities which include judo, horse riding, football, gymnasium etc. Supervised study for at least two hours is organized every evening and those who want to study for a longer period are allowed to do so. The friendly hostel staff is a great physical and emotional support to the students.

It is like “A home away from home”

Parents are the first educators of children and it is our privilege to develop a partnership in education between home and school. We strongly believe that education should give us six-fold abilities information, concept building, imagination, the right attitude, freedom and intuition. For the fulfillment of our vision, I look forward to work with you all towards building a healthy society. With the deepest gratitude, I wish to thank every person who has come into my life & inspired, touched and illuminated me through their magnificent support & contributions. With the same spirit I aspire that BDIS with its effective and efficient planning will successfully strengthen the community and achieve ever greater heights.